Molecules, Cells and Systems

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Principal Supervisor:  Prof Shaun Cowley, Co-supervisor:  Prof Daniel Panne

PhD project title:  Exploring the boundaries of the human acetylome


Principal Supervisor: Dr Ed Hollox , Co-supervisor: Dr Richard Badge

PhD project title: Copy number variation in gibbon genomes


Principal Supervisor: Dr Salvador Macip, Co-supervisor: Prof Shaun Cowley

PhD project title: Ameliorating ageing and age-related diseases by targeting senescent cells


Principal Supervisor: Dr Julie Morrissey, Co-supervisor: Professor Julian Ketley, Professor Peter Andrew, Professor Paul Monks, Dr Joshua Vande Hey

PhD project title: Molecular mechanisms involved in the impact of air pollution on bacterial cells.


Principal Supervisor: Daniel Panne, Co-supervisor: Andrey Revyakin

PhD project title: Structural mechanism of signal-dependent gene transcription


Principal Supervisor: Thomas Schalch, Co-supervisor: Shaun Cowley

PhD project title: How does nucleosome remodelling silence chromatin?


Principal Supervisor: Cristina Tufarelli   Co-supervisor: Shaun Cowley

PhD project title: Understanding transcription mediated methylation of intragenic CpG islands in health and disease


Principal Supervisor: David Twell, Co-supervisor: Richard Badge

PhD project title: Making the male: the impact of germline gene networks on plant and crop fertility.



Principal Supervisor: Dr Ezio Rosato,, Co-supervisor: Prof Bambos Kyriacou,

PhD project title: Network interactions shape the circadian clock in Drosophila melanogaster



Principal Supervisor: Professor Andrew Fry, Co-supervisor: Professor Karen Brown

PhD project title: Molecular mechanisms underpinning EML4 driven microtubule stabilization and cell migration.


Principal Supervisor: Professor Peter Moody , Co-supervisor: Dr Jaswir Basran

PhD project title: New ways to look at enzyme structures


Principal Supervisor: Dr Nina Storey, Co-supervisor: Dr Noel Davies

PhD project title: Heme regulation of signalling at potassium channels in the cardiovascular system



Principal Supervisor: John Apergis-Schoute , Co-supervisor: Todor Gerdjikov

PhD project title: Cognitive control over feeding behaviour: The impact of prefrontal inputs onto hypothalamic MCH populations


Principal Supervisor: Professor Ian D Forsythe, Co-supervisor: Dr Joern Steinert

PhD project title:  Regulation of neuronal excitability and synaptic transmission by metabolic demand in health and disease.


Principal Supervisor: Dr Jian Liu, Co-supervisor: Dr Vincenzo Marra

PhD project title: Dynamics of a minimal neuronal network with multisynaptic dendrites.


Principal Supervisor: Dr Michael Okun, Co-supervisor: Dr Vincenzo Marra

PhD project title: Reorganisation of cortical microcircuit activity under anaesthesia


Principal Supervisor: Charalambos P Kyriacou, Co-supervisor: Ezio Rosato

PhD project title: Clock gene polymorphisms in Drosophila; natural selection and function


Principal Supervisor: Joe McDearmid , Co-supervisor: Will Norton

PhD project title: Understanding the role of serotonergic systems in motor control.


Principal Supervisor:  Tom Matheson,  Co-supervisor:   Swidbert Ott, Jingzhe Pan,

PhD project title: Behavioural and biomechanical analysis of socially induced changes in body and brain structure in desert locusts.


Principal Supervisor: Swidbert Ott, Co-supervisor: Tom Matheson,

PhD project title: Stress mechanisms as modulators of behavioural plasticity in locust swarming behaviour.


Principal Supervisor: Rodrigo Quian Quiroga,

PhD project title: Neural mechanisms of memory formation, consolidation and recall.


Principal Supervisor: David Souto, Co-supervisor: Philip Duke

PhD project title:  eSports: perceptual, cognitive and visuomotor skill development in the digital world



Principal Supervisor: Prof Martha Clokie, Co-supervisor: Dr Andy Millard

PhD project title: Characterising Clostridium difficile defence strategies against bacteriophages

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