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Principal Supervisor: Dr Rob Hammond, Co-supervisor: Dr Eamonn Mallon

PhD Project title: The genomics of haplo-diploid pollinators


Principal Supervisor: Dr Eamonn Mallon, Co-supervisor:  Dr Ezio Rosato

PhD project title: Epigenetics of neonicotinoids in an important insect pollinator

Principal Supervisor: Dr Nicola Royle, Co-supervisor: Dr Richard Badge, External Supervisor: Professor Venugopal Nair

PhD project title: Characterising mechanisms that control Marek's Disease Virus genome release from telomeres during reactivation from latency.


Principal Supervisor: Dr. Chris Bayliss Co-supervisor: Dr Andrey Morozov

PhD project title: Understanding how mutability facilitates survival of alternating selection and bottlenecks by the major food-borne pathogen Campylobacter jejuni

Principal Supervisor: Dr. Chris Bayliss (University of Leicester) Co-supervisor: Prof. Julian M. Ketley (University of Leicester) and Prof. Helen J. Cooper (University of Birmingham)

PhD project title: Genotype-to-structure: analysis of the glycosylation of the flagella of Campylobacter jejuni, a major cause of food-borne gastroenteritis

Principal Supervisor: Dr N Garton (Department of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation), Co-supervisor: Dr A Hudson (Department of Chemistry)

PhD project title: Application of advanced spectroscopic techniques to monitor real-time transformations in aerosolized bovine tuberculosis bacteria

Principal Supervisor: Professor Julian Ketley , Co-supervisor: Dr Julie Morrissey

PhD project title: Iron acquisition using host lactoferrin by the bacterial pathogenCampylobacter jejuni.

Principal Supervisor: Dr Julie Morrissey, Co-supervisor: Professor Peter Andrew, Dr Kevin Waldron

PhD project title: Bacterial survival in the host and in the environment is promoted by horizontal gene transfer of additional metal resistance genes.


Principal Supervisor: Galina Mukamolova, Co-supervisor: Helen O’Hare

PhD project title: Serine/threonine protein kinase mediated regulation of protein secretion in mycobacteria


Professor Marco Oggioni

PhD project title  Investigating novel treatments for sepsis by understanding the pathogenesis of invasive infection


Principal Supervisor: David Twell ; Co-supervisor: Richard Badge

PhD project title: Making the male: the impact of germline gene networks on plant and crop fertility.

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