PhD and MPhil Supervisors - Work With Leading Researchers

As a major research institution our research students benefit from working with internationally recognised scholars and researchers who are at the frontiers of their disciplines

All of our research students are allocated a member of our academic staff as their personal supervisor. As well as being an expert in their field, they will help you to:

  • plan and manage your research
  • broaden your knowledge of research developments in your field
  • develop your understanding of relevant research methodology
  • develop your broader personal and professional capabilities
  • build your profile within the research community

Through regular consultations your supervisor will monitor your progress, provide guidance as needed, and be your first point of contact for help and advice.

Your Support Network

Your supervisor will be just one part of the wider support network available to you.

The University's Dcotoral College provides an umbrella for our research student support structures. These include a Postgraduate Tutor in each School/Department who is responsible for overall monitoring of your progress and skills development and can be approached at any time should you wish to discuss any matters relating to these. Beyond your Postgraduate Tutor, you can also seek advice as appropriate from the Head of School/Department, your College's Director of Postgraduate Research, or the Graduate Dean.

And of course your fellow research students will also provide a personal support network. Departmental events such as seminars and group presentations will help you to stay in touch with other research students, post-doctoral researchers, and research and academic staff in your discipline. The Doctoral College also hosts events such as the Cafe Research and Thesis Forum which provide a less formal opportunity to make new friends and socialise with research students from across the University. There are also research student led groups - such as thesis writing groups - and these often organise their own social events and other activities.

For those who want to meet students and postgraduates with similar interests the Students' Union has over 200 student groups with interests from cooking, to sports, to politics. There are also a number of international groups giving students and postgraduates the opportunity to meet with others from their country.

Our Research Discoveries

At the University of Leicester we’ve made some pretty impressive discoveries in our time – from leading the search for King Richard III, to developing revolutionary medical techniques, and inventing DNA fingerprinting.

Across all our disciplines we’re conducting research right at the cutting edge. We believe that universities have a unique and critical role in advancing knowledge and helping to overcome major challenges faced by society.

We're seeking the sharpest minds, the next wave of innovators to join us in pushing the boundaries of understanding. As a research student at Leicester you will have the chance to conduct world class research and put your mark on the world.

We’ve brought together a few of the many amazing discoveries that have been made at Leicester to show you how we’ve made our mark.

How will you make yours?

Find a Research Degree in Your Subject

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