The Graduate School - A Vibrant and Diverse Research Community

The University of Leicester has a welcoming and supportive research community

We recognise that a sense of belonging is a key part of the research student experience.

The Graduate School at Leicester

The University of Leicester has one of the UK's largest and most vibrant Graduate Schools and we take pride in the support our research students receive - in terms of becoming a part of the Leicester research community and raising their profile as a researcher within the University and beyond.

Postgraduates make up nearly 50% of our total student population - refelecting the central place held by postgraduate education within the University's mission. In total our research student community has some 1,500 members with research stduents based across the University's four Colleges and representing a huge range of research disciplines.

The Graduate School is at the heart of our postgraduate community. The Graduate School provides an umbrella for the University's postgraduate activities - such as induction, training, and career development.

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An International Research Community

Our reputation is global. Leicester is ranked in the top 2% of universities in the world by the QS World University Rankings and THE World University Rankings - so it's no surprise that so many research students from outside the UK choose to come here.

Around 40% of our full-time campus based research students come from outside the European Union and we have significant numbers of research students from China, India, Iraq/Kurdistan, Malaysia, Nigeria, North Africa, Pakistan, Taiwan, the USA, and Saudi Arabia. And our distance learning research students are based all around the world.

Our Research Students

Hear from some of our research students about why they chose the University of Leicester:

Eva - Biosciences Postgraduate Researcher 

Eva, PhD Biosciences

"It's been a great experience being properly introduced into the world of research and meeting many people who are currently working in the latest research. There were many new students starting at the same time as me and many people were friendly and sensitive during my initial few weeks"

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Rashwan - English Postgtraduate Researcher

Rashwan, PhD English

"Leicester is a very good place to conduct research, as there are lots of development opportunities for research students. It has a friendly and suitable environment for studying...I would definitely recommend Leicester to a new student"

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Gary - Engineering Postgraduate Researcher

Gary, PhD Engineering

"I didn't know much about Leicester before applying, but after looking around the website and speaking to a few friends I found out about the great reputation it has, especially in the areas I would be working...this made it an easy decision to want to study at Leicester"

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Wafa - Education Postgraduate Researcher

Wafa, EdD Education

"The University of Leicester is a highly respected institution in my home country and I felt confident that a doctoral qualification from Leicester would be held in high regard...I have enjoyed my time here very much!"

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Burcu - Law Postgraduate Researcher

Burcu, PhD Law

"I decided to come to Leicester due to the quality of the University and the Department and also my supervisor. The facilities in the Department are good and I definitely feel as though I have been well supported by the Department"

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Johan - Economics Postgraduate Researcher

Johan, PhD Economics

"Don’t be worried about being away from home/coming alone to university/not fitting in, because you will. The University is very friendly and there is such a vibrant mix of people and groups that you’ll find you make fantastic friends"

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Kate - Physics Postgraduate Researcher

Kate, PhD Physics

"The atmosphere is very geared toward a positive experience, with courses, seminars, talks and other opportunities to meet fellow members of the Department either socially, or to share findings of the scientific community, for example during afternoon tea and Journal Club"

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Emma - Health Sciences Postgraduate Researcher

Emma, PhD Health Sciences

"The campus is an oasis of trees and plants, and Victoria Park next door provides a large green area in the midst of a busy part of the city. The city is a great place too – small enough to know your way around but big enough to provide for your needs"

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Tochukwu - Psychology Postgraduate Researcher

Tochukwu, PhD Psychology

"The University has a good academic climate, good student support network, high quality research staff and, above all, is held in very high esteem amongst employers. So the University offers a great learning opportunity as well as fostering personal and career growth"

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Matt - Geography Postgraduate Researcher

Matt, PhD Geography

"The University of Leicester is forward-looking with a small and compact campus featuring a mixture of the old and the brand new...The city is better than I expected. Leicester Market is a great thing and I particularly enjoy the shops, bars and curry houses around Queen's Road and the Clarendon Park area"

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Raising Your Profile as a Researcher

A crucial step in your development will be raising your profile as a researcher and making yourself known in the research community within the University and beyond. We provide a range of opportunities to help you find your feet, make new contacts, and share your work with a wider audience:

  • Induction events to welcome you to our community and help you adjust to life as a research student
  • Seminars, conferences, and other research events to broaden your knowledge of research developments in your discipline and help you refine your own research ideas
  • A year-round programme of networking events for research students such as the Thesis Forum and the Cafe Researcher where research students from all disciplines can get together to meet, talk, and share ideas
  • Our prestigious Festival of Postgraduate Research where fifty of the best research students get the opportunity to present their work to the wider University, employers, the media, and the general public
  • Support to enable attendance at UK and international conferences where you will present papers, develop your confidence in disseminating research findings, and network with fellow researchers, academics, and employers

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