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The Virtual Genetics Education Centre is a project of the GENIE Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL).

GENIE is based in the Department of Genetics at the University of Leicester. It brings together world-class research and teaching to produce innovative solutions to the challenges of genetics education. One aspect of the CETL's work is the development of GENIE's National Network, which aims to link individuals and institutions that are involved in genetics education to facilitate the sharing and evaluation of resources and experience.

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The Virtual Genetics Education Centre is a continually expanding collection of evaluated resources for teaching and learning in genetics, including cross-references to genetics activities locally, nationally and internationally. It brings together the outcomes of GENIE's project work, genetics education resources from GENIE's National Network, and a range of existing web-based resources.

The genetics education resources included in the VGEC - or linked to from the VGEC - are resources that we have evaluated ourselves. We hope that feedback from users of the VGEC will enable us to develop the site over time, so that it becomes a collection of tested teaching resources for specific teaching objectives and specific audiences.


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