GENIE Wear A Chimp on your Wrist - DNA and Protein

 These activities include DNA base paring and DNA to protein modeling!  The resource comprises of  two linked activities which not only explore the structure of DNA, but then take it a step further to see how this DNA is translated into amino acids.

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They are both fun modeling activities that involve the students in making a bead bracelet of a section of DNA from the animal of their choice (a list is supplied with all the supporting documentation).  They then go on to translate this DNA sequence into their respective amino acids which they make into another bracelet using larger, and different coloured beads.

The activity can be used to demonstrate how DNA is similar between different species and that different species may have the same gene, performing the same function, but that the DNA that makes up this gene differs between species.

These two practical sessions are usually very lively and can take anything between 15 minutes to 30 minutes each, depending on the age of the students and how quickly they grasp the base pairing rules of DNA and understand the codon table which is included in the downloads.  We have found that students love to pick their animal of choice and make the bracelets, which they have then proudly worn for the rest of the day.

This session fits in with Key Stages 3 and 4 of the National Curriculum for England  (ages 11-14 and 14-16).

What this activity will demonstrate is:

  • That all DNA sequences obey simple base pairing rules.
  • That DNA sequences are very similar for many different type of animals.
  • That DNA codes for amino acids and that there is much redundancy in the genetic code.

Activity Information
Author: GENIE
Subject: Genetics
Level: Ages 11-14 and 14-16
Language: English
Publish Date: 1st march 2012

Documentation Download

Download whole package
      Download arrow This is the zipped package containing all files.
1 Chimp
Download arrow Download arrow Download arrow   This lists the aims, objectives, materials and instructions for the practical.
2 Species Alignment
Download arrow Download arrow Download arrow   This card holds all the information for species alignment.
3 Bead Colours
    Download arrow   All the bead colours required for activity.
4a DNA Sequences21BP.docx

 Download arrow This zipped folder contains all the species DNA sequences in docx format.
4b DNA Sequences21BP.rtf

Download arrow This zipped folder contains all the species DNA sequences in rtf format.
4c DNA Sequences21BP.pdf

Download arrow This zipped folder contains all the species DNA sequences in pdf format.
Students by banks of beads for making protein bracelets

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