Patterns of inheritance resources

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Online Tutorial on Mendelian Inheritance

Online tutorial on the basic concepts of Mendelian genetics, including animations and self-assessment activities, from BioCoach.

Resource: The Biology Place website
Age range: 11-14 / 14-16
Approach: Interactive tutorial

Mendelian Genetics (slide-show)

A 34-slide presentation covering Mendel's work and basic patterns of inheritance, with links to other online resources.

Resource: Slideshare website
Age range: 14-16 / 16-18
Approach: Topic material

Classical Mendelian Genetics

The Classical Genetics section of the DNA from the Beginning site contains a number of tutorials on Mendelian genetics. The tutorials contain resources in a range of media, as well as problems and links to other sites..

Resource: DNA from the Beginning website
Software: Flash Player and QuickTime
Age range: 14-16 / 16-18
Approach: Topic material

Genes are Us

Website for teachers created by Jeans for Genes, where your school can meet children with genetic disorders through short films and classroom activities targeted at key areas of the national curriculum.

Resource: Genes are Us
Age range: 5-6 / 7-10 / 11-14 / 14-16
Approach: Videos, animations,games and quizzes

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