Genetics, mutation and cancer resources

To enlarge the resources for access to descriptions and links, please click on the title of the resource. The links on this page will open in a new tab. In some of the external links media such as video may not still be available.

DNA replication and mutation

This series of videos on the royal institution website highlights how error prone DNA replication can introduce mutations into our DNA. Each short clip is followed by several summary questions for use in the classroom.

Resource: The Royal Institution Website
Age range: 17 - 18
Approach: video

Modelling mutation

This online visual model allows students to manipulate a piece of DNA by inserting, deleting or substituting bases. They can then translate, and see the resultant protein and any changes the mutation may have causes.

Resource: Concord Consortium
Age range: 15 - 16, 17 - 18
Approach: interactive simulation

Cancer: rogue cells

This animation by Professor Mike Stratton explains how mutations can lead to the development of cancerous tumours, and the different factors involved in these processes.

Resource: Your Genome Website
Age range: 17 - 18
Approach: animation

Multimedia guide to cancer

This series of animations, videos and audio clips developed by Cold Spring Harbour laboratories gives an in depth account of cancer biology. Topics include: the hall marks of cancer, molecular causes of cancer and the underlying genetics. Aspects of this site go beyond KS5 level but the vast majority is relevant.

Resource: Cold Spring Harbour Website
Age range: 17 - 18
Approach: multimedia

The role of cancer genes

This animation introduces the concepts of oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes and how mutation in these genes can lead to cancer.

Resource: Your Genome Website
Age range: 17 - 18
Approach: video

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