Genetic Modification of Food

Headline Bioethics is a study guide aimed to assist in the teaching of the science and ethics of new developments in biology and biomedicine. Below are links to three recommended videos and associated resources on the genetic modification of crops.

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Video Links


The first video is a report on a trial of genetically modified potatoes that have been planted at the Sainsbury Laboratory in Norfolk.

'Latest GM crop trials attacked by the Soil Association' - BBC News, 12th June 2010 (2min57)


The second and third videos report on the GM debate and give two contrasting views on the genetic modification of food.

'GM food: Monster or Saviour?' - BBC News, 29th May 2008 (2min17 and 2min10)


Online Resources- Links to recommended external websites on GM Food

Teachers Notes - FAQs A series of question and answers regarding the science and ethics of GM food


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