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Headline Bioethics is a resource that contains background information and structured activities based on online video clips, to enable busy lecturers and school teachers to address the science and ethical implications of new developments in biology and biomedicine.

The availability of online news archives and clips from other programmes, make it relatively straightforward to incorporate streamed media of this kind into Biology, Religious Education and/or General Studies lessons.

There are two study guides in this series:

The FAQs section of the guides presents a series of question and answers which includes background information about the science, history and ethical arguments.

In addition, ‘off the shelf’ worksheets have been produced for use in conjunction with the selection of video clips.

All of the recommended video clips are currently being streamed on the BBC website.

Our other site, BioethicsBytes, contains a further collection of resources to assist in the teaching of bioethics, with particular emphasis on multimedia materials (film, TV, streamed media) as case studies.


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