GENIE Dolly Mixtures

This is a simple, hands-on activity where students get the chance to make their own clone of Dolly the sheep.


159-Dolly-DDNA2007_0149_000.jpg 157-Dolly-DDNA2007_0148.jpg

It does involves some preparation in the form of props to represent both the donor and surrogate sheep (we used cardboard boxes), and the cells with nuclei (we used clear plastic food boxes with table tennis balls as nuclei). All the information you need to run this activity is provided in the teacher notes.

The aim of this activity is for students to use "sterile" techniques to extract the nucleus from the surrogate egg cell and replace it with a nucleus from a donor autosomal cell and then replace the whole cell back into the surrogate. Once Dolly is born, the main question is, "how do you prove that she is a clone?

The activity should spark quite a few questions about cloning, the ethics, the situations where cloning may be useful, when and where cloning might be acceptable, and what the future may hold.

This session fits in with Key Stage 4 of the National Curriculum for England (ages  14-16).

What this activity will demonstrate is:

  • The basic principles of how cloning is carried out
  • That cloning isn't as easy as it sounds and that the success rate is very low
  • That just because we can do something doesn't necessarily mean that we should

Activity Information
Author(s): GENIE
Subject: Genetics
Level: Ages 14-16
Language: English
Publish Date: 1st March 2012

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1 Teacher notes
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Download arrow Download arrow       Contains a summary of the activity to include instructions and background of Dolly.
2 Students notes
Download arrow Download arrow Download arrow       Contains a summary of the activity which includes instructions.
3 Dolly Poster
 Download arrow   Poster showing how Dolly the sheep was cloned.
4 Dolly
Download arrow Download arrow     Summary of cloning Dolly the Sheep.
School girl removing the nucleus from the egg in the Dolly the Sheep clone activity


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