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BBC Bite Size- Vaccination

This page gives a comprehensive overview of the biology behind vaccination suitable for the GCSE syllabus. The page also includes an animation depicting how memory immunity is acquired.

Resource: Vaccination
Age range:15-16, 17-18

E-Bug- Vaccination

A 32 page booklet for teachers, giving a variety of classroom activities and pupil work sheets for teaching immunisation to key stages 4 and 5.

Resource: E-bug
Age range: 15-16, 17-18

Types of vaccine

This interactive animation shows the differences and design processes behind: live attenuated vaccines, inactivated vaccines and conjugate vaccines

Resource: Types of vaccine
Age range: 17-18
Approach: interactive animation

Debating vaccination

This pack developed by the Wellcome trust allow teachers to engage students with debate about the need for seasonal and pandemic flu vaccines.

Resource: Debating vaccination
Age Range: 16-18

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