This is a card-based tutorial in which students explore the role of meiosis in creating genetic diversity. This is done using a set of cards which are provided in the supporting documentation. The students work at their own pace using the student notes supplied.




This session is suitable for second year undergraduate students, and assumes that the students are already familiar with the different stages of meiosis.

Aims/ Learning Objectives:

  • How meiosis generates genetic diversity
  • The role of meiosis is in the production of gametes
  • How meiosis differs from mitosis and reviews the different stages of meiosis
  • Below are pictures of students taking part in the tutorial and also an example of what is on one of the cards provided in the download files.

Tutorial Information
Author(s): Professor Annette Cashmore, GENIE
Subject: Biology
Level: 2nd Year Undergraduate
Course Element: Tutorial
Length: 3 hours
Language: English
Publish Date: 11th February 2010

Documentation downloads

.docx .pdf .rtf .xlsx .pptx ZIP Notes
Download whole package Download whole package - zip This is the zipped package containing all files

1 Meiosis

Download 1 Meiosis - Word document Download 1 Meiosis - PDF Download 1 Meiosis - Rich text format This lists the aims and materials required.

2 Student Notes

Download Student notes - Word document Download Student notes - PDF Download student notes - Rich text format Contains a summary of the tutorial, instructions and questions for the students

3 Cards

Download Meiosis cards - pdf Download Meiosis cards - PowerPoint All the cards needed to run the tutorial
4 Results Download results - pdf Download results - Excel Can be used to collate the results (optional).

The answers to the Meiosis tutorial are available upon request. You can not download them from here as this tutorial forms part of the students' assessments at the University of Leicester.

Email Dr Mark Goodwin to request the answers for the Meiosis Tutorial.

Meiosis Tutorial Evaluation Details

This tutorial has been evaluated by participating students. To see the Focus Group feedback and evaluation results, please use the links below.

These files will open as PDF files, to avoid losing your page on the VGEC it may be easier to open these links in a new window.


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