Recombinant DNA and Genetic Techniques Resources

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The Recombinant DNA Debate

An online tutorial about the recombinant DNA debate from Phillip McClean's Intermediate Genetics site.

Resource: North Dakota State University: recombinant DNA
Approach: Topic material

Problems Set on Recombinant DNA Technology

A set of MCQs on recombinant DNA technology, including brief explanations and linked tutorials, from the Biology Project at the University of Arizona.

Resource: The Biology Project: recombinant DNA
Approach: Games and quizzes

Gene Cloning Tutorialgenielogo.png

An activity that allows students to design a strategy to produce a medically important protein using recombinant DNA technology. Available as a card-based exercise for groups, or in a PowerPoint version for individuals.

Resource: GENIE gene cloning
Approach: Interactive tutorial

DNA Sequencing Tutorialgenielogo.png

A GENIE tutorial allowing students to revise the process of DNA replication and the components required to perform the dideoxy (Sanger) method for DNA sequencing.

Resource: GENIE DNA sequencing
Approach: Interactive tutorial

Using a Micropipette (video)genielogo.png

An award-winning GENIE video introduction to the use of micropipettes in the laboratory for undergraduates and postgraduates. Total running time: 9 minutes.

Resource: GENIE Using a Micropipette
Watch the whole video
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Setting the Volume
Part 3: Pipette Tips
Part 4: Pipetting Volumes
Part 5: Common Things to Avoid
Approach: Video

Making and Running an Agarose Gel (video)genielogo.png

A GENIE video guide for postgraduate students illustrating the processes involved in making and running agarose gels in the laboratory. Total running time: 13 minutes.

Resource: GENIE Running an Agarose Gel
Watch the whole video
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Preparing the Gel
Part 3: Pouring the Gel
Part 4: Putting the Gel into the Gel Tank
Part 5: Loading the Samples
Part 6: Running the Gel
Part 7: Visualising the Nucleic Acids
Part 8: Common Things to Avoid
Approach: Video

Alec Jeffreys 'Eureka Moments'

As part of the biochemical society's centenary celebrations, a number of the Society’s Honorary Members were asked to talk about the important moments in their careers and the future of the discipline. The third to be released is that of Alec Jeffreys who spoke to John Armour about the 'Golden Age of Genetics'.

Resource: Golden Age of Genetics
Age range: 14-16/16-18
Approach: Video

Running an Agarose Gel (video)genielogo.png

A video guide for students illustrating the processes involved in running agarose gels in the laboratory. This is a shorter version of the GENIE video 'Making and Running an Agarose Gel'. Total running time: 6 minutes.

Resource: GENIE Running an Agarose Gel
Watch the whole video
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Loading the Samples
Part 3: Running the Gel
Part 4: Visualising the Nucleic Acids
Part 5: Common Things to Avoid
Approach: Video

Animated Tutorials in Molecular Biology

Animated tutorials in molecular biology, including plasmid cloning, PCR and other genetic techniques, from Sumanas Inc. Can be viewed a step-through animations or as narrated, continuous animations.

Resource: Sumanas Inc: molecular biology
Approach: Animation

Animated Tutorial on Gel Electrophoresis

Animated tutorials on gel electrophoresis from Sumanas, Inc. Can be viewed as a step-through animation or as a narrated, continuous animation.

Resource: Sumanas Inc: gel electrophoresis
Approach: Animation

Restriction Enzyme Map of lambda Genomegenielogo.png

This is a paper-based tutorial where students work out the complete map of the lambda phage genome from images of gel fragments.

Resource: Restriction Enzyme Mapping
Approach: Tutorial

How to Set up a Southern Blot

This is a video produced by Robert Slater and shows the main steps involved in setting up a Southern Blot

Resource: Southern Blot
Approach: Video

The GENE Project

Teachers and research scientists adapting research organisms and laboratory techniques for use in the classroom to teach a wide variety of concepts and questions, Kansas State University, USA.

Resource: The GENE Project
Approach: Topic material

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