Population Genetics Resources

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Population Genetics

An multimedia introduction to population genetics, part of The Genographic Project from National Geographic.

Resource: National Geographic: The Genographic Project
Approach: Tutorial

Population and Evolutionary Genetics

An online tutorial on population and evolutionary genetics, including study questions and problems, from Phillip McClean's Intermediate Genetics site.

Resource: NDSU North Dakota State University: Population Genetics
Approach: Topic material

Evolution and Phylogenetics

Online teaching materials on evolution and phylogenetics from Rediscovering Biology, a CPD site for high-school biology teachers. The site includes topic material, activities, animations and images.

Resource: Rediscovering Biology: evolution and phylogenetics
Approach: Topic material

ALFRED (The ALlele FREquency Database)

A database of data on gene frequencies in human populations, with map search and locus search facilities.

Resource: The ALlele FREquency Database
Approach: Online tools

The GENE Project

Teachers and research scientists adapting research organisms and laboratory techniques for use in the classroom to teach a wide variety of concepts and questions, Kansas State University, USA.

Resource: The GENE Project
Approach: Topic material

DeFinetti 1.0

This Excel workbook simulates evolution of a single gene with three alleles. The user assigns fitness values to each genotype, and enters starting allele frequencies. The program then tracks each population through 100 generations and plots the results in a ternary graph.

Resource: The Biological ESTEEM Collection: DeFinetti 1.0
Approach: Simulation

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