Exercise 4

Do mutations that occur early in the simulation have more or less effect on the population structure than mutations that occur later?

Answer - Mutations that occur early have more impact. This is because mutations are passed to all the descendants of the original cell, and so mutations that occur early are passed on to more cells in the final population.

Look at the cells with the highly resistant (1-1-1 specifically) phasotype. Which cells do they emerge from most often? Is this always the case?

Answer - You would see more cells with the disease causing phenotype emerging from cells which already have one or two mutations. In rare cases (on the very high mutation rate) you may have seen cells with the 111 genotype emerging from cells with the 000 genotype. Once again, mutations are entirely random, stochastic processes, so each time you run the simulator, the disease causing populations would have emerged from a cell with a different genotype.

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