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All antibiotic resistance resources for higher education

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Antibiotic Action (AA) Resources

Antibiotic Action are a global initiative aimed at education around antibiotic resistance. Their site is regularly updated to include the latest advancements in antibiotic resistance research.

Resources: AA
Approach: topic material

Antibiotic resistance in veterinary medicine

An online pool of teaching modules regarding antimicrobial resistance in veterinary medicine.

Resource: AMR for vets
Approach: topic material

AMR infographics

A series of inforgraphics highlighting the effect of antimicrobial resistance on human health and the economy.

Resource: review on antimicrobial resistance
Approach: visual aids

Resistance map

An interactive tool visualising the change in antibiotic resistance observed in clinical isolates in countries of the world compared to their use.

Resource: resistance map
Approach: visual aids

Antibiotic resistance database

This online tutorial allows users to learn the basics of antibiotic resistance gene annotation, and how to derive AMR relevant information from genome sequences.

Resource: ARDB tutorial
Approach: online tutorial

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