Bioethics Briefing No 6: Issues at the End of Life

This resource comprises a series of briefings and is part of the Bioethics Bytes website. This is the sixth and final one of the series of briefings and was jointly written by John Searle (South West Ministry Training Course) and John Bryant (University of Exeter).

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Should it be legal for doctors to actively participate in ending the lives of terminally ill patients? What are the concerns raised? How would the legal system legislate for it? How should the law deal with people who have already helped their loved ones to die? What is the stance of the church on end of life issues?

These issues are all covered and discussed in this briefing, which also provides some of the legal background and a couple of case study scenarios which could be used for group discussion topics.

Each topic is available as a PDF file which can be downloaded. The PDF files contain background information, case studies, a list of resources and links to further information.

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