Bioethics Briefing No 3:Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

This resource comprises a series of briefings and is part of the Bioethics Bytes website.This is the third in the series of briefings and was written by Chris Willmott (University of Leicester).

185-baby.jpgThis edition covers issues concerning assisted conception and "designer babies", which is a term which is often heard in the popular media. Today an ever-growing number of children are born after PGD and the different motivations for wanting it vary quite widely, ranging from the prevention of genetic diseases to the generation of stem cells to donate to an older sibling, or even for sex selection. Currently technology only exists to select for or against genes that are already present in the parents, but it may be possible in future to deliberately introduce novel characteristics. These issues are also discussed in this briefing.

Each topic is available as a PDF file which can be downloaded. The PDF files contain background information, case studies, a list of resources and links to further information.


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