Genetics and ethics

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This resource comprises a series of briefings written by Chris Willmott (University of Leicester), John Bryant (University of Exeter) and John Searle (South West Ministry Training Course).  These can be found under the Genetics and ethics resources pages.


The series covers the following topics:

Each topic is available as a PDF file which opens as a link. The PDF files contains background information, case studies, a list of resources and links to further information.

Science and the Ethics of Stem Cells

In March 2009 Dr Chris Wilmott was interviewed by SuperSonic FM, a Leicester school radio station, as part of their National Science Week activities. A recording of the interview (27.5 minutes) has been added to their website and can be accessed via this link: SuperSonic FM 

Epigenetics and Ethics

The Epigenetics and Ethics page covers resources for teaching as well as several case studies which cover a range of issues around the topic.

Topic related resources

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