GENIE DNA sequencing

This activity is a group-work tutorial where students explore the dideoxy (Sanger) DNA sequencing technique by acting as the Taq polymerase in a sequencing reaction.

Adults doing sequencing tutorial

This activity has been designed to follow the GENIE DNA structure tutorial, but can be carried out as a stand-alone tutorial if the students are already familiar with the molecular structure of DNA.

This session is suitable for students aged 16 and over, and all seem to really enjoy working out the solution in groups.

What this activity will demonstrate is:

  • How the process of dideoxy DNA sequencing works
  • How complementary base pairing is applied during sequencing reactions


Tutorial Information
Author(s): GENIE
Subject: Genetics
Level: Undergraduate
Language: English
Publish Date: 1st March 2012

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1 Sequencing
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Contains background information and methods required for tutorial.
2 Student Notes
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Detailed instructions for students on sequencing activity.
3 Introduction
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Power point of DNA sequencing.

Female student doing sequencing tutorial



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