Outline of Courses

All courses are comprised of lectures, tutorials and practical classes. This material has been prepared at the level of undergraduates (years 1 to 3) and is continually revised to reflect changes and developments in the topic over time.


The course components are modular in format and can be used as stand-alone units. However, for some of the materials, certain background information/knowledge is assumed, but the prerequisite knowledge requirements are clearly stated at each stage. Individual lectures, tutorials or practicals can be viewed using the navigation menu to the left.



Not all elements are currently available, however they will appear as linked objects once they become available.

Evaluation and Feedback

A key aspect of the VGEC is evaluation of teaching and learning. In order for the VGEC to grow and evolve, we encourage comments on how we could improve the site.  You can submit a resource or comment on the VGEC.


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