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Test your clinical genetics knowledge

Calculating Genetic Risk

Website Resources

Ethical Issues


Test your clinical genetics knowledge

Genes and Diseasegenielogo.png

A set of 15 genetics questions along with their possible answers, which are specifically aimed at medical and allied health professionals. The questions are intended to show where and how genetics has a role in clinical practice.

Resource: Medical Genetics Questions
Approach: Test with answers

Calculating Genetic Risk
A Guide for Non-Geneticistsgenielogo.png

This excellent guide was written by Dr Wafa-Makky Nichols. It aims to help prepare health care personnel to be more confident and capable of explaining genetic risk to patients and relatives in an understandable and meaningful manner. It is not aimed at genetics specialists. The guide is full of useful information, worked examples and links to other URLs for further information.

Resource: GENIE Guides: Calculation and Communication of Genetic Risk
Approach: Topic material, resources

Website Resources
Genetic Counsellinggenielogo.png

Information a GENIE project that aims to raise awareness of genetics within Leicestershire's community through innovative approaches, for example developing audio-visual materials, recruiting community champions and attending community events.

Resource: Genetics in the community
Approach: Topic material, resources

NHS National Genetics Education and Development Centre

Description: This is a comprehensive resource produced by the NHS for health professionals. It includes information about is important to know and the activities to be undertaken in clinical practice. It is particularly important to identify people whose condition has a large genetic component because specific clinical management may be helpful. Also included are resources for learning and teaching, which are supported by fact-sheets, videos, PowerPoint presentations, telling stories and case scenarios.Training information is also available, such as; "Training the trainers" courses and "Teaching genetics" courses, and information and support for local educators through their network of genetics education facilitators based in nine regional genetics centres.

Resource: NHS National Genetics Education and Development Centre
Approach: Topic material, resources

The Primary Care Genetics Society

An organisation established to support primary care professionals

Resource: Primary Care Genetics Society 
Approach: Topic material, resources

The Ethox Centre

Their aim is to enhance patient care by improving ethical understanding and ethical standards.

Resource: The Ethox Centre 
Approach: Topic material, resources

UK Clinical Ethics Network

Their aim is to provide up to date and relevant information on ethical issues. They provide contact details for all clinical ethics committees in the UK.

Resource: The Clinical Ethics Network
Approach: Topic material, resources

Genetic Testing and Screening - FAQ's

The National Genome Research Institute has produced an excellent resource, which contains a wealth of information about Genetics-related subjects. Linked here are a list of frequently asked questions about genetic testing and screening.

Resource: Frequently Asked Questions About Genetic Testing 
Approach: Resources

Centre for Genetics Education

Providing current and relevant genetics information to individuals and family members affected by genetic conditions and the professionals who work with them, from Sydney, Australia. (Includes teaching materials for schools.)

Resource: Centre for Genetics Education
Approach: Topic Material

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)

Catalogue of human genes and genetic disorders, from Johns Hopkins University / National Center for Biotechnology Information, USA.

Resource: OMIM
Approach: Topic Material

Ethical Issues
Medical Ethics Tutorialgenielogo.png

This is a practical workshop, developed at the University of Leicester, for medical students who already have some cancer theory background. It is in the form of a set of ethical questions which the students discuss.

Resource: GENIE Medical Ethics Questions
Approach: Tutorial

Religion may Influence Doctors' End-of-Life Care

BBC News Article - dated 26 August 2010.

Resource: BBC Health Pages
Approach: Topic Material

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Medical Genetics Questions

Test your clinical genetics knowledge