Medical Genetics Questions

Genes and disease

This section features a set of 15 genetics questions along with their possible answers, which are specifically aimed at medical and allied health professionals.

The questions are intended to show where and how genetics has a role in clinical practice.

This resource can be used by teachers of healthcare professionals as a basis for tutorials, workshops or exam questions, for example.

Activity Information
Author(s): GENIE
Subject: Genetics
Language: English
Publish Date: 1st March 2012

Autosomal Dominant 161 auto-recessive.gif
 Autosomal Dominant  Autosomal Recessive
 X-Linked dominant  X-Linked recessive
 X-linked Dominant  X-linked Recessive

Questions can be accessed three ways:

 Question Grid

somal recess-
somal dominant
X-linked recess-
parental disomy

General practice

1,3,15 2,5,6,8,10  12  4    14
Obstetrics 1 9   4,13    

Foetal medicine

Paediatrics 1  6,7,9,11  12  4,9,13 13  
Oncology    2        
Gynaecology    2    4    



Palliative care    2        
Rheumatology  3  5        
Haematology  3          
Hepatology  3,15          
A&E    5,11        
Cardiology    5        
Physiotherapy    5        
Neurology     6,7,8,10  12      
Endocrinology    6,7,10       14 
Urology     7        
Psychiatry    8    9    
Social Work    8,11        
Ophthalmology     10       14 
Orthopaedics    11        
Dentistry    11        
ENT        9   14
Neonatology  15      9 13  
Respiratory medicine 15          
Gastroenterology 15           

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