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Meiosis and Mitosisgenielogo.png

A diagram showing the difference between meiosis and mitosis

Resource: Meiosis and Mitosis
Approach: Topic material

Genetics in Everyday Life (video)genielogo.png

A GENIE video guide for anyone who wants go find out more about DNA. Have you ever wondered why you look like your parents and what chromosomes are?  The answers are all in this video. Total running time: 5.5 minutes.

Resource: GENIE  Genetics in Everyday Life
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Part 1:  What is Genetics?
Part 2:  Genetics in Everyday Life
Part 3:  Important Concepts
Part 4:  Inheritance
Part 5:  Patterns of Inheritance
Part 6:  Genetic Conditions
Part 7:  Clinical Genetic Services
Part 8:  Further Information 
Approach: Video
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Genetics in Everyday Life
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Deciphering the Genetic Code

Starting in the late 1950s, a number of scientists around the world began to map the method by which DNA is translated into proteins. Working with his colleagues at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Marshall Nirenberg solved this conundrum in 1961. This exhibit from the NIH looks into the career of Marshall Nirenberg, along with providing details about the scientific instruments he used to complete this discovery. The exhibit is divided into six sections, including "Scientific Instruments", "Biographies", and "History". The "History" area provides details on the emergence of the modern field of genetics, complete with illustrations and work done by Nirenberg's intellectual predecessors. The "Scientific Instruments" area is a real treat, as it features photographs of elaborate instruments donated by Nirenberg. The site also contains a glossary and a selection of recommended links.

Resource: NIH.  Deciphering the Genetic Code
Approach: Topic material

An Overview of DNA

A collection of resources providing an overview of DNA, including pages on its properties, chemical modification, biological functions, interactions with proteins and uses in technology.

Resource: An Overview of DNA
Approach: Topic material

Unique Barcode - A Complete Physical Biometrics guide

Biometrics refers to unique physiological human characteristics that help in identifying an individual. This website contains lots of interesting information about how DNA can be used for biometrics.

Resource: Biometrics
Approach: Topic material

Alec Jeffreys 'Eureka Moments'

As part of the biochemical society's centenary celebrations, a number of the Society’s Honorary Members were asked to talk about the important moments in their careers and the future of the discipline. The third to be released is that of Alec Jeffreys who spoke to John Armour about the 'Golden Age of Genetics'.

Resource: Golden Age of Genetics
Age range: 14-16/16-18
Approach: Video

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