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The Genetics department at the University of Leicester has been using Podcasts as an educational tool for several years. One example of this is the IMPALA3 project which is being carried out in collaboration with Beyond Distance Research Alliance and Gilly Salmon, Professor in e-learning. It involves medical students working on a Genetics special study module in the production of podcasts giving information to other students about some of the ethical issues arising from approaches in the field.

There are two books available, edited by Gilly Salmon, on Podcasts in Education.


How to create podcasts for education book cover Podcasting for learning in University book cover

Podcasting for Learning in Universities/ How to Create Podcasts for Education

Student Learning Experience Podcasts

These podcasts were made as part of the IMPALA4T project where students were asked about the course modules which they took and to reflect on their personal experiences of the modules. These are all taught modules at the university of Leicester.


Podcast Name
Listen Now
BS2009 - Genomes Podcasts
4.28 minutes
BS2026 - Genes, Development and Inheritance Podcasts
1.22 minutes
BS2052 - Gene Expression and Regulation Podcasts
7.54 minutes
BS2057 - Molecular Cell Biology Podcasts
2.16 minutes
BS2064 - Bioinformatics of Genes Podcasts
5.57 minutes
BS3031 - Human Genetics Podcasts
1.51 minutes
MB3031 - Biochemical Mechanisms of Human Disease Podcasts
1.12 minutes

Each Podcast is an MP3 file.


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