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For ‘Couple welcome MPs’ vote’

BBC News, 20 May 2008: ‘Couple welcome MPs’ vote’ (3min10)

Jayson Whitaker, Father:


(Shot in News Studio and of Whitaker family)

"We are really pleased. I was actually watching it live on the internet so the moment that we got the result we kind of knew before it was announced on the news but we were really pleased because it means that families that are going through the same situation as we were don't have to face the horrible steep hills that we had to deal with."


"I'm now going to ask you the most obvious question because I can see their in front of my eyes, sitting on your knee on the sofa, how is the family, how is the boys?"

Jayson Whitaker:

"The boys are doing brilliant; I mean Charlie’s life is now completely normal. Jamie’s life has been 100% normal from day one. It was stem cells taken from cord blood 5 minutes after he was born but it transformed Charlie’s life. He went from an underweight kind of undernourished small child. He needed constant medical attention, drugs and blood; he does not need any of that now."


"I wonder if I could ask Michelle, what did the treatment in America do to the family? It must have been very traumatic for you Michelle?"

Michelle Whitaker:

"It was very stressful having to travel and having to take the children to America, especially Charlie. We had to have a blood transfusion the day before we travelled and we had to be back before the next transfusion, so we were having the constant worry of him while we were in America which was very difficult."


"Would you say to people who are now celebrating the decision hang in there, it is worth it or did you ever think was it right to be playing God as some have accused you of doing?"

Jayson Whitaker:

"We didn't ever think we were playing God because all we were doing was stacking the odds in our favour. When they do IVF normally, they put two embryos back in because there is a chance that only one will take, so again they are putting the odds in your favour. Women will try to conceive at a particular time of month because that stacks the odds in favour so all we did was change from a 1 in 4 chance. We harvested Emily's cord blood when she was born but she wasn't a match so all we did was change it from a 1 in 4 chance to a 98% chance so there was no playing God it was just doing as much as you can to get the right result."


"It seems incredible; 5 years ago you were hitting headlines, now your smiling everyday must be worth it."

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