Menopause Policy

On the 12th October 2017 Paul Boyle, President and Vice Chancellor declared his commitment to menopause not  being taboo or ‘hidden’ at the University of Leicester.

The event showcased the research undertaken by Leicester’s School of Business and subsequent Government Equalities Office report, ‘Menopause transition: effects on women’s economic participation’ and our development of a Menopause Policy putting this research into practice for us to become the first menopause friendly university.

Our policy is now published promoting awareness of the effects of menopause and encourages open conversations and advises and supports those directly and indirectly effected staff as well as the University’s HeForShe commitments.

We want everyone to understand what menopause is and to be able to talk about it openly without embarrassment. This is not just an issue for women,men should be aware too, so they can support colleagues, students, friends and family so are running a series of Roadshows.

The Menopause Roadshow is a  of 1 hour event that are taking place all over campus. All staff and managers are invited to attend Menopause Roadshow events which will give you the opportunity ask any questions about the policy and discuss menopause and its effects openly. The Roadshows will also ensure that everyone understands the possible effects of menopause and how the new policy can support staff in the workplace.

Details about Menopause Roadshows currently planned to take place are below. To book a place please contact

Click here to view the University’s Menopause Policy and Guidance in full. →

Menopause Roadshows:

  • Monday 4 December
    12 noon to 1.00pm
    Seminar Room 0.24m, Brookfield Campus
  • Friday 8 December
    8.30 am to 9.30 am
    Saxby Room, Stamford Court, Oadby Student Village

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