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Prof George Fraser - Director, Space Research Centre

George FraserI have a passion for seeing technology developed for space being used in everyday applications. I know there is a lot of opportunity to exploit our knowledge and technology and to diversify into different sectors. I don't mind what sector the challenge comes from just as long as we have the opportunity to solve the problem. We want the Space IDEAS Hub to provide success to business so that it can be self-sustainable in the future.


Tim MaskellTim Maskell - Knowledge Transfer Manager

I work closely with colleagues in the Space IDEAS Hub team to ensure we maximise the benefits that the wide range of specialist expertise and facilities we have for designing and building instruments for use in the harsh environment of space exploration can bring to the solution of earth bound problems.

Furthermore, I am involved in longer term collaborations between the University and companies to develop new products and processes that offer the potential for commercial success through licensing deals and new spin out company formations.


Ed Chester - Project Manager

Ed ChesterOne of the great privileges of working in a dynamic small team is learning from others and sharing ideas, and having flexibility to take on different tasks. While I try to plan and coordinate the project to ensure we meet all the objectives, every day is different and we have no idea who the next client company might be. It's fun communicating about what "space technology" really means, and about the solutions and capabilities developed here in Leicester. The physics and engineering principles used really are very transferrable to other industries.


Client Engagement ManagerGuy Peters - Client Engagement Manager

My main role within this team is to engage with local industry to promote growth and developing innovative technologies for transfer into other industries such as the Life Sciences and Criminology.  I hope to be one of your main points of contact taking matters to an appropriate conclusion and ensuring the delivery of an effective service.




Andy Powell - Project Engineer

Andy PowellPrimarily, my job is to understand our clients' challenges and work out a plan to find solutions. I also act as a "translator" between the language and issues of business and the language of academia. When we've understood the issues, we get the right people together from the Space Research Centre and other departments within the University of Leicester to create a solution. The great advantage of Space IDEAS Hub is that the initial work is free of charge to East Midlands SMEs. This initial engagement is sometimes all it takes to help a company on its next stage of product or service development. Other times, we can develop long lasting collaborations that continue to assist companies for years to come.



Lisa Finch - Project AdministratorLisa Finch

My main role is to provide financial and clerical administration support to the project, ensuring governance and compliance are adhered to. I am responsible for implementing administrative and financial procedures to ensure efficient and effective running of the hub, setting up and maintaining data records and ensuring the project complies with European Regional Development Fund guidelines. I am a highly experienced, senior administrator and project co-ordinator, with excellent organisational skills which are applied to the diverse range of team activities we are undertaking.


Becca Wilson - Project Scientist

Becca Wilson

I am currently an outreach and education officer in the Space Research Centre, facilitating the dissemination of current space research to schools and the public.  I have a research background in both planetary and atmospheric sciences and have recently joined the Space Ideas Hub to assist the team with clients' challenges.  I also maintain the Space IDEAS Hub website and social media.


Send through your enquiry to: and we'll ensure one of our team will respond to your questions in an appropriate and timely fashion.

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