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This page provides an overview of some of the facilities and expertise available to the Space IDEAS Hub based on the heritage of the Space Research Centre. External clients are invited to contact the Space IDEAS Hub for up to 2 days FREE initial evaluation about suitability or access to these services.

Innovative Design: solutions inspired by the challenges of working in space

 thermal analysis

By delivering complex detector hardware on over a dozen high-profile international missions, the Space Research Centre has developed a culture of innovation in addressing the complex problems of working in the harsh environment of space.  This includes meeting the challenge of making equipment that is small, lightweight, low power consumption and highly reliable. Read more about the active space missions we are involved with and those that are currently under development.

Engineering: full project life cycle

We have a full systems engineering approach to any project to ensure that all our products fully meet the design requirement and integrate seamlessly with multinational collaborators.  From drawing board to end-of-life, our systems are designed, manufactured, tested and validated in-house to work as planned for the duration of the mission.


Analysis: Expertise in modelling and state-of-the-art testing

test facilities
The team draws on the in-house expertise in the engineering design and verification of our space instruments.  We have strong capability in modelling for mechanical and thermal stress fluid dynamics and vibration analysis as well as state-of-the-art test facilities to validate everything we do.


Using 50 years of experience gained through the development of space instrumentation, we hope to solve the technical challenges facing your business.  Examples of assistance we have given local enterprise can be found in our case studies.  The Space IDEAS Hub also hosts specialist training and networking events engaging with regional businesses. 




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