Space IDEAS Hub Case Studies

The following case studies highlight the diversity of assistance the Space IDEAS Hub has provided to regional enterprise.

Canard Design

county drains

Canard Design Ltd: Drawing on the Universities engineering expertise to decrease the mass of a new patient-transfer system by one third.
County Drains (Leicester) Ltd: using state-of-the-art test facilities to inform the product design. Ltd: providing product evaluation leading to concept design of a portable moped car rack.

foxton case study flyer small

Foxton Global Sourcing: exploiting technical expertise and 3D printing services to produce a prototype mount for an evidence gathering device.

G2Way case study flyer small

G2Way Ltd: drawing on experience in spectral methods to assist the development of a prototype low-cost low-level Earth observation instrument.


Intercare: Drawing on experience of Raman Spectroscopy on Mars to investigate the quality of patient-returned medications


Medilink East Midlands: creating an analysis tool that enables the geospatial visualisation of a client database.


Rober Ltd: providing product evaluation and design leading to a prototype pressure mattress currently in trial.

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