Head of Lab

Eamonn MallonDr Eamonn Mallon

Associate Professor of Evolutionary Biology

+44 (0) 116 252 3488

Eamonn's staff page

Lab members

zoe 133x100.jpgZoe Lonsdale

BBSRC PhD student

Project: Genomic imprinting in the bumblebee

Zoe's project page


silhouettemale.gifPshtiwan Bebane

PhD student

Project: Bumblebees as a biosensor



hollie 133x100.jpgHollie Marshall

NERC PhD student

Project: Parent of origin methylation in a social insect



Dr. Mirko Pegoraro

NERC funded PDRA

Project: Bumblebee worker reproduction as an independent test of Haig's kinship theory for the evolution of genomic imprinting

Mirko's staff page


silhouettemale.gifAlun Jones

BBSRC PhD student

Project: Bumblebee epigenetics



Lisa Bedder

Departmental technician

Project: Bumblebee breeding



Dave BoothDave Booth

MIBTP placement student

Project: RNA-seq analysis of neonicotinoid exposure




Dr. Jacob Holland


Lady Davis Postdoctoral Fellow, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)





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