The Leverhulme Trust

Funding recived from the Leverhulme Trust.

  • Research Grant (2020-2023) How do bees imprint genes?leverhulme


nerc 50h.jpg

Funding received from the Natural Environment Research Council.

  • Research Grant (2016-2019) Bumblebee worker reproduction as an independent test of Haig's kinship theory for the evolution of genomic imprinting
  • NERC Studentship (2015-2018) Methylation and caste in the bumblebee
  • NBAF Award (2014) The effects of ploidy and expression on selection (with Dr. Hammond)
  • NERC Studentship (2012- 2016) Genome-wide genetic load in a social insect
  • NBAF Award (2012) A transcriptomic approach to the specificity of the insect immune system
  • Research Grant (2010-2012) Testing the conflict theory of the origin of genomic imprinting using the bumblebee Bombus terrestris

bbsrc 50h.pngBBSRC

Funding received from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.

  • BBSRC Studentship (2013-2017) Methylation and imprinting in a social insect
  • BBSRC studentship (2005-2008) Specificity of the insect immune response

royal society 80h.jpgThe Royal Society


Funding received from The Royal Society.

  • Research Grant (2008) Specificity in the insect immune response
  • Research Grant (2005) Competition and relatedness in the evolution of virulence

International student government funding


Funding received from national governments.

  • Iraqi government scholarship (2014-2018) The role of methylation in ecotoxicology
  • Saudi Arabian government scholarship (Akram Alghamdi) (2008-2012)
  • Malaysian government scholarship (Haniza Ibrahim) (2006-2009)

Fisheries soc of britisles 80h.jpgFSBI


Funding received from the Fisheries Society of the British Isles.

  • Research Grant (2006-2007) MHC and parasites in wild zebrafish (with Carl Smith)

Nuffield 50h.jpgThe Nuffield Foundation


Funding received from the Nuffield Foundation.

  • Undergraduate research bursary in Science (2005) The energetic cost of immune response in insects


british ecological soc 50h.jpgBES

Funding received from the British Ecological Society.
  • Early career project grant (2005-2006) Competition and relatedness in the evolution of virulence

UoL Logo Full Colour 200.jpgUniversity of Leicester

Funding received from the University of Leicester.

assoc for study of animal behaviour 100h.jpgASAB

Funding received from the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour.



  • Small Research grant (2004-2005) Immune response affects flower choice in the bumblebee Bombus terrestris





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