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Invitation to a short survey

Science-MINQ wishes to enhance young visitors’ ability to be “minds-on” during science fieldtrips while they are “hands-on” with exhibits. But we need to understand why science teachers go on fieldtrips so an online survey is put together.

If you are a science teacher and would like to contribute the survey is now live:




Dear science teacher,

We are contacting you because we would like to hear about your experiences of science field trips (student visits to science museums, science centres, discovery centres, and similar).

Our team, which based at the University of Leicester (UK), is conducting a research project called Science-MINQ. This research aims to tackle a long-lasting challenge for science museums: how to ensure student visitors are "minds-on" as well as "hands-on", as they explore the exhibits.

Your views are important and will provide us with valuable information that will help us to better understand field trips.

To take part in the survey, please use this link:

The survey should take you no longer than about 15 minutes to complete. Apart from your email address, we will not ask you for any personal details (such as your name or the name of your school). Please be assured that your answers to the questions will be anonymised and treated in total confidence.

In a few months' time, we will send you a follow-up survey. This will be even shorter than the first survey! It will simply ask you to rank in importance the responses that we get from the first survey.

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Many thanks in advance your time!

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