Science MINQ tackles a long-lasting challenge in science museums and impacts on the ways science museums communicate to their audiences. Its outcomes have the potential to impact not only on UK science museum practices but also globally.

It can alter the ways

  • visitors interact with science exhibits,
  • science museums engage with their audience.

Science-MINQ outcomes include a mobile app for visitors and a best-practices guide for science centres. With plain language tailored to a non-specialist audience, the guide will support science museum educators by offering a way to structure young visitors’ interactions with the exhibits, emphasising the science at play to visitors. The mobile app would fundamentally change the ways visitors interact with science exhibits by enabling multimodal inquires. It will be based  on the Science-MINQ pedagogical framework, which enhances young visitors’ ability to be “minds-on” while they are “hands-on” with the exhibits. What is more, it could also offer opportunities for tracking visitors’ changes of science relevant attitudes, which could feed back to science museums and inform how they engage with their audiences.

Science MINQ has therefore the potential to offer to the sector a solution to the long-lasting challenge that is emerging from their own practices and their visitors. It would not be a top-down solution imposed by policy and therefore its potential for success is very promising.

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