Get involved

The first step is to educate yourself in the basics.

For example, what is the difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee?

The best place to start is probably the Refugee Council which provides accessible but detailed information on all aspects of sanctuary in the UK.

For a more global perspective, the UN Refugee Agency is a useful resource.

You can also complete this MOOC from Amnesty International : Human Rights: The Rights of Refugees

Become a champion or supporter of Leicester University of Sanctuary and help us promote the ideals we wish to implement across the University and beyond. Complete our sign up form and send it to


Other things that staff can do:

  • Find out whether any of the students in your department are asylum seekers or refugees. Familiarise yourself with the support they require and receive.
  • Organise a training session for your colleagues so that they can also be fully informed and aware.
  • Invite a speaker relevant to your department who specialises in refugee issues, perhaps in relation to health, healthcare, education, law, history or politics.
  • Develop a taster session on your subject that can be delivered to people seeking sanctuary in the local community.
  • Select a relevant charity which could be supported by colleagues, perhaps through a bake sale or sponsored event.


Other things that students can do:

  • Start a STAR student group at the university   
  • Most charities and other organisations that work with or for refugees and asylum seekers rely on volunteers. Voluntary work always looks good on your CV so it’s a win-win. Check our volunteering section.
  • Look for aspects of your subject which relate to issues around refugees. Speak to your tutors about how these can be incorporated into your course.
  • There are many knowledgeable speakers on this topic, both within Leicester and beyond, who can be approached to speak to student groups. If you organise a talk, open it to non-members and publicise it.

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