The PNEUMOPATH project is acknowledged extensively in a number of high-impact journals, a complete list of which can be found here.

Final Report

Following the conclusion of the project, the final report is now available for download here.

Final Symposium Presentations

A public symposium was held in June 2012 in Oeiras, Portugal.  The symposium presentations, along with the key-note presentation from Prof. Staffan Nomark, are available for download:

Programme of the PNEUMOPATH symposium, Oeiras, Portugal, June 2012

Welcome, Peter Andrew, University of Leicester, UK

Pneumococcal intra-clonal variations influence disease outcome
Birgitta Henriques-Normark, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Combined microarrays and QTL analysis identifies candidate genes associated with susceptibility to invasive pneumococcal disease
Magdalena Jonczyk, University of Leicester, UK

Correlates of pneumococcal virulence in the mouse
Marco R Oggioni, University of Siena, Italy

Identification of novel pneumococcal adherence factors by a combination of genome-wide approaches
Hester Bootsma, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, the Netherlands

Insight into the importance and interconnection of regulators of central metabolism in Streptococcus pneumonia
Jean-Pierre Claverys, CNRS - Paul Sabatier University, France

SNP analysis linking between genotype and phenotype
Susana Vinga and Jonas Almeida, INESC-ID, Portugal

Plenary - Can molecular microbiology and pathogenesis studies help develop novel antimicrobial strategies?
Staffan Normark, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

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The Pneumopath project is a health-themed collaborative project within the Cooperation programme of FP7 and coordinated by the University of Leicester.

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