Personnel Selection & Assessment Unit 5: Selection Interviews

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On completion of this unit students will be able to: discuss the different types and styles of selection interviews; describe the various different objectives of selection interviews; discuss the reliability, validity, fairness and effectiveness of interviews; describe some of the theoretical and practical problems associated with the interview as a selection tool; describe a number of ways in which the interview may be improved as a selection tool.


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Personnel Selection & Assessment Unit 5: Selection Interviews



  • Author(s): Psychology  
  • Subject: Personnel Selection & Assessment Unit 5: Selection Interviews
  • Keywords: ukoer "selection interviews" "selection tools" selection interviews "occupational psychologists"
  • Grade level: Masters 
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  • Language(s):  English
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  • Media format(s): eBook, rtf and HTML
  • Date OER Published: 25 Feb 2010 


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