America and the World - US Foreign Policy

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This OER is drawn from a Masters-level online course and the primary aim of this learning material is to give a grounding in the issues and ideas surrounding American foreign policy in the contemporary era. The historical context of America's present world role is explained, followed by a discussion of the process by which US foreign policy is made, and the dominant themes associated with US policy. These include America's status as the 'leading' power in the international system, as well as the objectives it sets itself in that capacity based on a mixture of its perceived values and interests. Towards the end, there will be a more narrowly focus on recent events, discussing the significance of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and also the decision to invade Iraq in 2003. This learning material aims to help you develop the ability to think critically and constructively about the issues at play in the making of American foreign policy, and about the choices and constraints with which American policymakers contend.


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America and the World



  • Author(s): J Simon Rofe: Politics and International Relations
  • Subject: America and the World - US Foreign Policy
  • Keywords: ukoer america "america foreign policy"
  • Grade level: Postgraduate, undergraduate, Further Education 
  • Course type: Instructional website 
  • Language(s):  English
  • Material type(s): Course package, rtf, PDF, HTML, ebook
  • Media format(s): rtf HTML ebook PDF
  • OER Publish Date: 23 Nov 2009


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