SWIFT : Second World Immersive Future Teaching



This OER acknowledges the growing need for new approaches to effective laboratory-based learning, where issues of space, time and resources lead to pedagogical limitations in the use of practical classes involving student engagement in pre-designed experiments.

SWIFT addresses these limitations by developing laboratory activities in Second Life, researching their impact on teaching and learning in biomedical sciences, and thereby providing exemplars for transfer to other sciences.

SWIFT investigates the student experience and learning outcomes from these Second Life activities, and compares them with outcomes from other modes of learning. It is not intended that such approaches should replace real-life laboratory activities but complement them, improving the learning experience.


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  • Author(s): Dr Paul D Rudman & Dr Suzanne Lavelle
  • Subject: SWIFT Project
  • Keywords: ukoer "Second Life" "virtual laboratories" biomedical
  • Grade level: HE
  • Course type: Instructional Video 
  • Language(s):  English
  • Material type(s): video
  • Media format(s): mp4
  • OER Publish Date: 17 May 2010


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