Keynote : Ian Jamieson



Focusing on the student experience which is a central part of higher education discourse, and one that has previously been overlooked. Ian Jamieson looks at the student experience which has increasingly been used as a differentiator to distinguish between universities and big differences are emerging. This keynote also addresses:

  • The differentiation and fragmentation of universities.
  • The resilience of the elite, the localisation and privatisation of the lower end.
  • The transformation agenda and ‘bite sized bits of knowledge’ – the new binary divide.
  • The hollowness of marketisation.
  • Will we ever professionalise university teaching?
  • The eternal verities of learning and teaching.


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The Student Experience at the Crossroads



  • Author(s): LFF10
  • Subject: The Student Experience at the Crossroads
  • Grade level: HE Conference
  • Course type: Podcast
  • Language(s):  English
  • Material type(s): mp3
  • Media format(s):  mp3


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