Keynote: Stephen Downes



Recent developments in educational technology have centred around the concept of the personal learning environment (PLE). Viewed most abstractly, the PLE is a replacement for the virtual learning environment (VLE) that is focused on the individual learner, rather than the class or the institution. Given that much of what has been said about learning in recent years has been based on a community or social model of learning, what are we to say of pedagogy in personal learning? How are we to understand learning outcomes, shared understandings, or social consrtruction of meaning and understanding? In this talk Stephen Downes looks at the 'learning' in the personal learning environment and argues that, though the PLE looks community and sociality in a new light, its design does not weaken, but rather, preserves and enhances learning.


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Pedagogical Foundations for Personal Learning



  • Author(s): LFF10
  • Subject: Pedagogical Foundations for Personal Learning
  • Grade level: HE Conference
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