How to use the 7Cs toolkit for designing technology-enhanced learning

A brief guide to using the resources in this toolkit

The 7Cs toolkit

The 7Cs of learning design is a toolkit for teachers, academics, lecturers, trainers and learning technologists responsible for designing, developing and teaching technology-enhanced learning programmes. It aims to enable the design of deep, engaging and enjoyable learning experiences for learners. The toolkit contains a set of e-tivities (activities to be done online, or with the help of online technologies), which will help teachers and other members of course design teams to create deep, enjoyable and engaging courses for learners in all disciplines. The resources are organised around the 7Cs: conceptualise, capture, create, communicate, collaborate, consider and consolidate.

A little background

The 7Cs resources have all been tried and tested by a wide range of teachers and course designers in a range of disciplines. Many of the resources are taken from the University of Leicester's Carpe Diem workshop for learning designers, as well as from the Open University's OULDI project. For more information on the 7Cs model, see Grainne Conole's update on the 7Cs of learning design

The 7Cs at a glance

The 7Cs e-tivities map gives an overview of all the 7Cs e-tivities and provides links to the rubrics for each one. 

Using the 7Cs toolkit as a course

Together, the e-tivities form a comprehensive course in technology-enhanced learning design, and include many tools and templates that teachers and learning designers can continue using long after the course is finished. For an example of how such a course was run in 2012, see the SPEED project course outline. (Please note that the e-tivity rubrics have subsequently been updated - the revised versions are to be found in the 7Cs e-tivities map. New course outlines will be posted during the course of 2013 linking to the revised e-tivities.) Please see the SPEED website for more information on how the SPEED course was run, and a zip file for the CourseSites virtual learning environment that was used.

Using the 7Cs toolkit as a pick-and-choose menu

The 7Cs e-tivities map can also be used by teachers and course designers as a pick-and-choose menu, as it gives access to all the e-tivity rubrics with a brief purpose statement for each one to enable selection. By clicking on the e-tivity rubrics, further tools and resources can be accessed.

Licence and permission to use the 7Cs toolkit

All the resources in this toolkit are licensed under Creative Commons licences, meaning that you are free to reuse them. While most only require attribution, please check the licence notice at the bottom of each resource for any particular additional requirements.

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