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Forming part of an archaeological theory  module in the School of  Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Leicester, student avatars were required to engage with Second Life artefacts such as the Sami tent through a series of SL-tivities. Originally, this part of the module – focusing on gender roles within the Sami community – had been taught using the 2D representational model contained on the handout, which was emailed to students. The Sami tent in SL offered the alternative of a rich, immersive 3D experience, allowing archaeology students the opportunity to engage fully with the artefacts within the Sami tent and, through the switching of land permissions, the nature of gender roles within the Sami culture.

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Handout to accompany the Sami tent in Second Life

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Inside the Sami tent OER 1

Inside the Sami tent OER 2

The Sami tent OERs on Media Zoo Island

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  • Author(s): Beyond Distance Research Alliance  
  • Subject: Sami tent in Second Life
  • Grade level: Element from undergraduate archaeological theory module  
  • Course type: Interactive virtual learning tool  
  • Language(s):  English
  • Material type(s): Text-based handout, Second Life artefacts 
  • Media format(s): PDF, Second Life


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