Workshop Programme

m:iv workshop Programme

m:iv text blue Workshop Programme

The network coordinated a series of workshops at each of the European network partner institutions during the three years of the research programme.

University College Cork

The Spring 2017 workshop was held at University College Cork in the first year of the grant, and was centred around the deformations of spectral data, e.g. for minimal surfaces in product spaces.


University of Granada

The Winter 2018 workshop was held in the second year of the project and was organised with F. Martin at The University of Granada, the main focus for this workshop was on minimal surfaces and related topics.


Technical University of Munich

The Summer 2018 workshop was held at the Technical University of Munich and was centred on discrete surfaces, visualisation and integrable systems.


The Autumn 2019 workshop was held at the University of Leicester, and highlighted the links between all the above subject areas.

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The Leverhulme Trust

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The Leverhulme Trust awarded Dr Katrin Leschke at the University of Leicester a 3 year international research network grant that started 1st September 2016

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