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We are constantly expanding the network and looking for new ways to encourage students to lead migratory discussion. If you are interested in being part of this initiative then please contact Dr Leah Bassel. Being part of the Leicester Migration Network´s student-wing network provides an important insight and exciting opportunity to engage with issues of migration which continue to affect our global society and determine Leicester´s culturally symbolic place within the UK today.


Past Student Liaisons for 2014/2015:


Boryana Karakoleva


Nazia Shaikh
Boryana is in her fourth year of European Studies with focus on International Relations and French language. Her particular areas of interest are forced migration and gender inequality. Besides working as a liaison for the Migration Student Network, Boryana is also volunteering with Leicester City of Sanctuary which seeks to develop a culture of welcome and inclusion for asylum-seekers and refugees. Nazia is a final year Law student at the University of Leicester. Her areas of interest lie in Public International law - focusing on the scope of human rights protection in context of civil wars and armed conflicts. In addition to her role as a Undergraduate Liaison for the Leicester Migration Network, she acts as an adviser for the Legal Advice Clinic for Leicester staff, students, and local community members.
bk103 [at] student.le.ac.uk ns343 [at] student.le.ac.uk


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Leah Alexander, the first Migration Network student liaison, reflects on setting up a student wing of the network.

My name is Leah Alexander and I was a third year History student who has been working within the Leicester Migration Network to create a student-wing, with the aim of creating opportunities for undergraduates at the University of Leicester to facilitate independent discussion of migration issues & engagement with existing academic discussion. The student-wing has been an ongoing process which targets all students, from all degree subjects, at the University of Leicester, exploring all migratory phenomena, there is a wide scope for participation. This remains a student-led project, aimed directly at students, as it hopes to harness both global and local migration discussion, in light of the backdrop of our culturally diverse city of Leicester. There are two main aims of my role:


To encourage students to engage with the existing leading migratory discussion of the academic network. There is much exciting discussion among the academic circles within the University of Leicester which has had trouble diffusing down to the student population, and this is what we are eager to change. The student-network has for the last year been acting as an intermediary platform to achieve this. Our Facebook group serves as the current means to do this. Through our Facebook group we have been sharing existing migratory discussion from the Leicester Migration Network and other local enterprises, while encouraging independent discussion among the members of the network as they share their own interests. As the network expands we are constantly evolving and looking for new initiatives from students within the network to better achieve this.


To create avenues for independent discussion led by students, including events, meetings and other student-led activities. At the core of the student network is its desire to be led by students, therefore making it completely tailored to their needs and interests. Our first introductory meeting gave us an insight into what students expected from the network, and this directed the creation of our first event; Hamedullah: The Road Home. The event was a film screening of Hamedullah: The Road Home, a short film depicting the experience of young Afghan refugees forcibly deported from the UK. One of the most common suggestions by students who attended our introductory session was the importance of creating links with other local migration related initiatives, and so we created did the event in tandem with After18, a local charity with the aim of informing and protecting young Afghan refugees in Leicester. Meanwhile during the event we also video-called Liza Schuster, an academic based in Kabul who gave us invaluable insight into the situation in Afghanistan, meaning our discussion was able to cover all aspects of the migratory experience. Our continuing links with After18 reflect the scope of the network and we hope to put on more events like this, with the direction of the members of the network.


The role of student liaisons was generously funded by the School of History’s internship programme.

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