"Liberation" by artist-in-residence Kajal Nisha Patel

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Artist-in-residence Kajal Nisha Patel to host "Liberation" seminar on November 16 2016.

Nov 16, 2016
from 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM
ATT 001 Attenborough Building, University of Leicester
Contact Name
Kajal Nisha Patel
Contact Phone
(+44) 07944 948 392
This seminar is free to graduates, students, staff and members of the public.

About the Seminar

During this seminar, Kajal will be in conversation with curator, Sunil Shah discussing the formation of Lightseekers social enterprise and her motivations to promote the production of socially engaged and community art. They will discuss the relevance of this project in relation to avant-garde art movements and against the backdrop of this current period of austerity.

The purpose of this discussion is to examine Kajal’s own position and practice as artist while considering the potential of participatory art as a tool for social change, collaboration and community cohesion.

The seminar will be followed at 5pm by a reception in the Charles Wilson foyer. You are also encouraged to visit/view the installation prior to the seminar. You can also learn more about Kajal at her website: http://www.lightseekers.co.uk/

About the Artist in Residence

Kajal Nisha Patel is Leverhulme Artist in Residence in the School of Media, Communication and Sociology at the University of Leicester. As part of her project, she has been developing research and artwork on British South Asian women’s working and domestic lives. Her project focuses on women who arrived from the Indian subcontinent during the late 1960s/70s and have spent the majority of their working lives in Britain.

As part of her residency, Kajal has worked with more than 100 individuals, in various venues and with numerous different community groups. The purpose of this social engagement was for members of the community to contribute towards the production of a collaborative artwork, to be exhibited at the University of Leicester. This intergenerational, cross-cultural project transcends boundaries of language, age, race, faith and gender. The resulting work reflects unique identities as they move collectively towards a common goal. The installation, which can be seen in the foyer of the Charles Wilson building from 7th November, symbolises the integrity of manual labour and the working class struggle towards freedom.

Visit Kajal’s full profile here.

You can find more information about Kajal's project aims and research objectives:

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