2016 - Talks and discussions drawing on the work of Lucy + Jorge Orta

Posted by fp74 at Mar 26, 2016 10:45 PM |
Experts from the University of Leicester, local community groups, campaigners and activists discuss the causes and implications of global migration.

Read more about the event here. Credits for the videos to Ambrose Musiyiwa/Civic Leicester.

Sam West, Visual Arts Officer at Attenborough Arts Center

Chair: Dr Maria L. Rovisco (Department of Media and Communication, University of Leicester)


Ambrose Musiyiwa (local activist, poet and photographer)

Kajal Nisha Patel (local photographer and Leverhulme Artist in Residence at the University of Leicester)

Michaela Smith (activist in LE Solidarity, currently involved in aid work at Dunkirk refugee camp)

Mirjam Abigail Twigt (Department of Sociology and Media and Communication, University of Leicester)

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