Leicester Migration Network's multimedia library; below one can find multimedia related to the network's activities.
Blog Entry 2016 - Talks and discussions drawing on the work of Lucy + Jorge Orta
Experts from the University of Leicester, local community groups, campaigners and activists discuss the causes and implications of global migration.
2013 - Can we live with difference? Creolization, diaspora and the making of new identities - Professor Robin Cohen (Video)
‘Creolization’ refers to how prior and incoming cultures connect and overlap. 'Diaspora' refers to the retention or revalorization of old identities in new settings. Despite their ambiguity and complexity, creolization and diaspora (rather than assimilation, integration, multi-culturalism or cosmopolitanism) seems to offer ways of understanding and perhaps confronting one of the gravest challenges of the twentieth-first century – how to live with cultural and religious difference.
2012 - ESRC Festival of Social Sciences: 'Our Leicester' (Audio + Video)
Young people in Leicester explored their experiences of multiculturalism and its challenges at a University of Leicester social sciences event. ‘Our Leicester’: Understanding a Multicultural City featured a series of workshops and an instant survey. The participating young people put together a Youth Manifesto for a successful multicultural city that was presented to the deputy city mayor, councillor Rory Palmer.

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