Valasia Savvidou

PhD Student: Department of Politics and International Relations

I graduated from the Department of International and European Studies in the University of Macedonia, following the Politics and Diplomacy stream. Afterwards, I attended the MA program in the University of Essex on Public Opinion and Polling. I am currently pursuing a PhD (2011-2014) on the importance of the immigration issue on vote choice for National and European Parliament Elections.  

My interests cover immigration in Europe, voting behaviour of immigrants, elections and voting behaviour when immigration is taken into account.   

As an undergraduate I worked as a surveyor in the Scientific Academic Institute of the University of Macedonia, returning as a research assistant after the fulfillment of my MA. Following the posts of a Researcher in two leading companies in London (Ipsos-MORI, Kudos Research), I was offered a data analyst position in an energy consultancy company in the UK, where I worked until the commencement of my PhD. 


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